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Option Screener

  • Every percentage counts, that is why we scan for the best covered calls and cash secured puts to sell.
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We filter the entire stock market every second for the highest premium options to sell. You can use our unique algorithm to see other important data points to make better informed decisions related to risk and reward. Our data also includes calculated probabilities of expiring worthless for covered calls and cash-secured puts. 

Option Screener,
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The Toasty Meter

Our Performance Indicators tell you which options are the hottest. Don't get burned!
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Order Tracking

Frequently pulls new data from secure put and covered call APIs.
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Personalized Filters

Filter down the noise and select only the options that matter to you.

Stock Options Screener

Our Stock Options Screener is unique and matchless. No one offers this detailed data access other than Bread Alerts. Sign up for our 5-Days Trial Access and start making your own bread!

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Covered Call Screener

The Covered Call Screener finds perfect and exquisite openings which would turn sizeable profits. Our screener scans in depth details of arising opportunities. You could refine the results according to your own technical requirements or risk/return requirements. Try our Exclusive 5-Days Access!

Cash Secure Put Screener

Cash Put Screener provides you the option of at-the-money or out-of-the-money. This is a witty system which automatically sets aside money to buy the stock at the perfect time which will eventually help the net income.Get 5-Days Trial Access and make the most out of your Trading!

Inform Your

Trading Strategy

There’s plenty of option Screener available to traders, but we know what data matters the most – which active options are hot, or shall we say “toasty.” This is why we developed an options flow with formulas to help predict your potential premium collected for covered calls, cash-secured puts, or whatever options strategy you’re running. Including this key data in our options flow allows traders like you to make informed decisions and ultimately get that bread.

Casual Traders

If you’ve never sold an option before, BreadAlerts will make it transparent how risky each stock is compared to its possible profits.

Experienced Traders

Sellers familiar with this income strategy will be shocked at the options found by our algorithm.

All-Star Traders

You're used to researching and calculating. BreadAlerts crunches the numbers for you, so you can save time and maximize the decisions you make.
What People Say

People Love Bread Alerts

Both new and experienced options sellers are using BreadAlerts to improve their selling strategies! See for yourself what traders love about BreadAlerts with a 5 days Trial access.

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Toasty Meter Explained

If you want to get technical, there’s a good chunk of data and research necessary to make smart trades. This is why there are so many option flow tools available.

Rather than simply throw all the data at you and let you sort it yourself, BreadAlerts calculates the crucial data to inform your options strategy. That’s where our strength indicator, the Toasty Meter, comes in. It’s a sliding scale combining our key data points – like the probability of expiring out-of-the-money and potential premium collected – so that you can see the hottest options at a glance.

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Track Large Volume Orders

How to Make Bread

Follow our recipe, or tweak your options flow to your strategy or preference.
Real-time alerts help you monitor which options are rising in performance.
Use BreadAlerts data to help make informed trades on toasty hot options.
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Real-Time Options Data

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