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  • Follow the breadcrumbs of smart money as we track and analyze large unusual stock options activity in real time.
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Track Large Unusual Stock option Order Flow

Follow the Money

Follow institutional buying behaviors with the BreadAlerts large order tracking tool. We keep tabs on block orders that only institutions and deep-pocket traders have the resources to make. You can view these large option orders based on volume size – and use the data to inform your own trades.

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Stock Overview

We organize all the large unusual stock options activity for one stock and display it in easy to digest charts.  This will allow traders to see the total call and put premium traded, distribution of expiration dates/strike prices, and the options possible to sell. 

Market Overview

We organize the top stocks with the highest call and put premiums for the day.  The thousands of large orders can be overwhelming. That is why it can be helpful to see which stocks are getting the most orders.  This helps traders see stocks getting an unusual amount of calls or puts and make better decisions on where smart money wants the stock to go.

Momentum Tab

Trying to read our usual stock options order flow in real time can be hard.  That is why BreadAlerts created an algorithm to find the best bullish and bearish stocks in the market.  This algorithm was programmed to find the most biased large unusual options order flow and post them on our Breads tab. 

Casual Traders
If you’ve never traded options before, BreadAlerts will make it transparent what stocks are receiving large call or put orders. Helping you be on the correct side of smart money.
Experienced Traders
If you're familiar with trading options, BreadAlerts can validate your trade ideas with our option analytics from large orders.
All-Star Traders
You're used to researching and calculating. BreadAlerts crunches the numbers for you, giving bullish or bearish stocks for the day that you may have never found.
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Both new and experienced options traders are using BreadAlerts to improve their trading strategies! See for yourself what traders love about BreadAlerts with a 2-week trial.


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Track Large Unusual Stock Options Activity

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